Sigma Consultants Private Limited
Time and Motion Study, Manpower Assessment, Incentive Scheme
Detailed work study comprising of time study and method study is undertaken to improve method of working, increase machine utilization, systematize material handling and assign optimum manning. Based on work study data, Incentive Schemes specially suited to each unit are designed for improving Machine/Labour productivity. The indirect benefits that accrue from the study are improvement in material utilization and control of rejection & consumables. Process simplification, better layout and material handling methods is suggested wherever needed.
Systems Study (O&M) and Management Information System (MIS)
Studies are undertaken to eliminate duplication, streamline procedure, minimise delay in information flow, introduce control and assess workload and manpower. It also enables timely furnishing of information for management decision. Use of computer and office automation is specifically indicated.
Organisation Structure
Sigma undertakes designing of a lean and flat rational Organisation Structure to suit the special needs of the particular organization and lay down the functions, duties, responsibilities and authorities of each post. Based on the above, the specifications for the incumbents for each post and remuneration packages are worked out.
Job Evaluation
Systematic assessment of relative job worth and preparation of job hierarchy is done under point rating system, taking actual case into account. On the basis of this rating, wage structure is evolved under the existing constraints of awards from statutory bodies like Wage Board, Tribunal etc. This is done separately for workers, clerical, supervisory and managerial staff.
Material Management
Material Management systems are developed which optimizes inventory carrying cost and cost of ordering under specific stated limit of stock out. Separate schemes are worked out for indigenous spares and non-spares, imported items, non-stock items etc. with provisions for safety stock, re-ordering level etc. Computerized material planning integrates product delivery with supply of input.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TS 16949, HACCP, ISO 22001
The company provides services for the complete exercise from appreciation to accreditation on a time bound schedule for these Management Systems for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety etc.. Till date more than 250 organizations have availed our consultancy services for certification by different renowned certification agencies. The continental improvement measures drive out waste and rework.
Energy Audit and Energy Economy
The Company undertakes total energy audit (Power and Fuel) for industrial units. As a corollary, methods of reducing energy costs are devised.
Market Survey
Market survey forms an essential part of industrial and business strategy. Opinion surveys highlight consumer preferences. The Company designs the system to suit the parameters involved, decides sample sizes, conducts the survey and collates the result for scientific interpretation.
Lean Manufacturing
This combination of techniques such as 5S, JIT, KANBAN, Cellular layout, POKA YOKE, SMED, TPM, KAIZEN etc. for reduction of wastage and improvement of productivity.
Business Process Reengineering
Value stream mapping eliminates unproductive processes and improves process effectiveness and process efficiencies.